Membrane Structure

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Mind Map of Topic 1.3 Membrane Structure of IB Biology Chapter 1 Cell Biology

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Membrane Structure
  1. Phospholipid bilayers
    1. form in water due to amphipathic properties of phospholipid molecules
      1. hydrophilic - attracted to water
        1. phosphate group
        2. hydrophobic - repelled by water
          1. two hydrocarbon chains
          2. amphipathic - substances part philic part phobic
            1. phosphate heads
              1. hydrocarbon tails
                1. stable structures
                  1. formation
                    1. add water
                      1. philics all attracted
                        1. phobic repelled and attracted to each other
                          1. forms double layers
                      2. Membrane proteins
                        1. structure
                          1. integral proteins
                            1. transmembrane
                              1. mostly hydrophobic
                                1. embedded into hydrocarbon chains
                                2. peripheral proteins
                                  1. mostly hydrophilic
                                    1. single hydrocarbon chain anchoring protein to membrane surface
                                      1. attached to integral proteins
                                    2. position
                                      1. proteins oriented to carry out function correctly
                                        1. varying protein content of the membranes
                                        2. function
                                          1. form barrier though which ions and hydrophilic molecules cannot pass
                                            1. hormone binding sites
                                              1. immobilized enzymes
                                                1. cell to cell communication
                                                  1. channels for passive transport
                                                    1. pumps for active transport
                                                  2. Cholesterol in membranes
                                                    1. component of animal cell membranes
                                                      1. type of lipid; not fat or oil
                                                        1. belongs to group steroids
                                                          1. mostly hydrohobic
                                                            1. one end has a hydroxyl- hydrophilic
                                                              1. positioned between phospholipids
                                                                1. amount in membrane varies
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