Leon Trotsky

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Leon Trotsky life mainly from 1896 - 1917

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Leon Trotsky
  1. Personal life
    1. His Parents are called David and Anna Bronstein
      1. They were Jewish farmers
      2. When he was 8 he went to school in Odessa
        1. he moved in 1896 to Nikolaye , Ukraine to do his final year at school
          1. Here he became enchanted by Marxism
        2. 1896 -1900
          1. He helped organize the south Russian Workers unions in Nikolayev in early 1897
            1. He wrote and printed, proclamations , distributed revolutionary pamphlets , and popularized socialist ideas among industrial workers and revolutionary students.
              1. using the name of Lvov
              2. He was arrested in January 1898 along with 200 of the members of the union
                1. He spent two years in Prison , awaiting trial
                  1. First in Nikolayev then Kherson then Odessa and finally Moscow
                    1. In Moscow Prison he met other revolutionaries and first read Lenins book and became a Marxist
                      1. " the development of capitalism in Russia"
                  2. Two months into his prison time on the 1-3 march 1898 the first Congress of the newly formed Russian Social Democratic Labor Party was held , he identified as a party member
                  3. 1900 - 1902
                    1. in the summer of 1900 in prison he met and married Aleksandra Sokolovskaya a marxist
                      1. In 1900 he was sentenced to 4 years in exile to Ust-Kut and Verkholensk
                        1. him and his wife were alowed to be exiled to the same place
                          1. They had 2 daughters born in Siberia called Zinaida and Nina
                        2. he sided with iskraa ( London based newspaper) position and ideas about what should happen to russia and began writing for them
                          1. in the summer of 1902 at the urging of his wife he escaped Siberia hidden in a load of hay on a wagon
                            1. Aleksandra escaped later with their daughters
                              1. They soon divorced and the daughters were later raised by his parents
                                1. The daughters died before the parents
                                  1. She disappeared in 1935 during the Great Purges and was murdered by Stalinist forced 3 years later
                            2. 1902 - 1903
                              1. First time he used the name Trotsky
                                1. said he adopted the name after a jailer of the odessa prison
                                2. He moved to london with other editors of the iskra under the pen name Pero, he became one of the leading authors
                                  1. in late 1902 he met a new wife and she later died
                                  2. 1903 - 1904
                                    1. Trotsky and most of iskra editors suppoted the Menshaviks
                                      1. He left the Menshaviks in September 1904
                                        1. because of the instances on a alliance with Russian Liberals and their opposition to a reconciliation with lenin and the bolshiveks
                                        2. from 1904 - 1907 he described himself as a non - factional social democrat.
                                        3. 1905 - 1906
                                          1. After the bloody sunday he returned to russia in feburuary 1905
                                            1. by kiev
                                            2. he worked with both the boshaviks and local menshaviks
                                              1. he was betrayed b the secret police in may and fled to finland
                                              2. confusion from multiple industaries going on strike meant he was able to return to st petersberg on 15th october 1905
                                                1. he joined the st petersberg soviet under the name yanovsky
                                                  1. and was elected vice president
                                                    1. was elected chairmen 26th november 1905 after Khrustavle-Nosars arrest
                                                  2. they issued a proclamation against the tsar system
                                                    1. this caused them to be arrested
                                                      1. they were tried in 1906 on charges of supporting an armed rebellion
                                                        1. the trail was on the 4th october 1906 he delivered one of his bsest speeches
                                                          1. he was convicted and and sentenced to internal exile in siberia
                                                  3. 1907 - 1914
                                                    1. while on route to exile in january 1907 he escaped at berezov
                                                      1. because of the start of ww1 he was forced to flee vienna for neutral switizland to avoid arrest as a russian emigre
                                                        1. in went to vienna and while their he wrote for a newspaper called Pravda
                                                          1. money was not there to publish it so he went to russian central committe to get finical backing throughout 1909
                                                            1. the russian central committe was mainy controlled by bolsheviks at the time of 1910 Lenin agreed to help but wanted a bolshivik to be co - editior
                                                              1. the paper folded in april 1912
                                                          2. 1914 - 1917
                                                            1. he wrote a book opposing the war called the war and the internatioanl
                                                              1. he moved to france on 19 november 1914
                                                                1. he began editing for Nashe Slovo a internationalist socialist paper
                                                                2. he attended the Zimmerwald conference in september 1915 and a middle solution between ideas likes Lenins and ideas like martov
                                                                  1. in the end Lenin voted for this middle ground
                                                                  2. on march 31 he was deported to spain for his anti - war activities
                                                                    1. spain did not want his so he was deported to usa on 25th december 1916
                                                                      1. he arrived in new york on 13 january 1917
                                                                    2. after the feburay revolution he went back to ruusia
                                                                      1. he left on the 27th march but his ship was intercepted by British navel
                                                                        1. he was detained for a month and was freed on the 29 april
                                                                      2. he reached russia on the 4th may
                                                                        1. Temp joined the Mezhraionsty and became one of their leaders
                                                                        2. at the first congress of soviets in june he was elected a member of All Russian central executive committe
                                                                          1. was arrested on the 7 augest 1917
                                                                            1. he was elected chairman on 8 october and was with lenin
                                                                              1. after the succseful uprising of 7 -8 he led the efforts to repel a counter attack on by Cossacks
                                                                                1. by the end of 1917 he was second man in the bolshivek party
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