Richard Dyer - Star Theory

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Relation of visuals to songs lyrics

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Richard Dyer - Star Theory
  1. Dyer's star theory puts forward the idea that celebrities are artificially manufactured by male dominated institutions. These stars are constructed to represent real people so audiences can relate thus the fan base expands. This also helps stars gain more profit.
    1. Audience and Institutions
      1. Stars are made for the purpose of making money. Increasing the brand identity benefits institutions eg. record labels. They become a household name increasing sales in all the media platforms they are in.
      2. Constitutions
        1. Hegemony (Culture)
          1. The audience relates to the star because the star has features they can identify with. Some fans will attempt to replicate the star. However, this could have a negative impact; The Beatles in were open about their use of drugs and alcohol. So in the 60s and 70s there was a rapid increase of illegal cannabis sales due to The Beatles being open about using it. Their fans saw them as role models and so copied these acts.
        2. Gramsci - Hegemony
          1. Gramsci supports the Marxist perspective. Marxists believe that all institutions in society benefit the bourgeoisie (ruling class). When people saw the ideologies put forward by the bourgeoisie they believed that these actions were the norm. For example; Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time she is dressed very sexy with little clothing therefore young girls believed it was the norm to dress provocatively.
            1. In the music video we see Britney in a sexy school girl outfit and her hair in braids with a fluffy pink hair tie which suggests that this video is exploitive.We rarely see the man, Britney is always shown either singing or dancing thus proving that she is the centre of attention. Therefore, it could be argued that this video is empowering.
            2. Laura Mulvey - Male Gaze
              1. Mulvey puts forward a feminist perspective. She believes that the audiences view characters from the perspective of a heterosexual male. The camera lingers on the curves on a woman's body and sexual movements. This relegates women to the status of sexual objects
                1. Andrew Godwin - Illustrate Amplify Disjuncture
                  1. Illustrate - Music video can use a set of images to illustrate the meaning of lyrics and genre; most common way
                    1. A good example of a music video that clearly illustrates the meaning of the lyrics is Owl City - Firefly as he sings about fireflies, fireflies come upon the screen to a little toy gadget.
                    2. Disjuncture - Meaning of song is ignored.
                      1. A very good example of a music video that is irrelevant to the lyrics is Fatboy Slim - Praise You. We see actors doing awful dance routines
                      2. Amplify - Meanings and effects are manipulated and shown through the video.
                        1. Kanye West - Homecoming shows him walking around his home city and from the lyrics they can tell he is "coming home again."
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