Ancient Israel

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The events of Ancient Israel

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Ancient Israel
1 1. Abraham makes a convenant with God
1.1 Father of Monotheism
1.2 Moves to the "Promised Land" - Canaan
1.3 Convenant = Promise
2 2. Hebrews leave Canaan (famine) become egyptian slaves
3 3. The Exodus (Hebrews leave Egypt)
3.1 Moses led Exodus
4 4,. God gives Moses the 10 commandments
4.1 Wandered the desert for 40 years
4.2 Laws to live by, part of the convenant
5 6. Saul becomes the First King of Israel
5.1 Battled the Philistines but could not defeat them
6 8. Solomon becomes King
6.1 Jerusalem became a holy city
6.2 Solomon's built the Great Temple (1st temple for God)
6.2.1 Later burned by Nebuchadnezzar
6.3 Made peace treaties and traded with surrounding civilizations
7 7. David becomes King
7.1 United 12 tribes into 1 nation
7.2 Established Jerusalem (Capital City
7.3 Defeated Goliath and Philistines
8 9. The kingdom of Israel splits up into two parts
8.1 Israel in the North - conquered by the Assyrians
8.2 Judah in the south conquered by the Neo - Babylonians
9 5. Jews return to the "Promised Land"
9.1 War with the Philistines who have taken the land
10 10. Cyrus the Great conquered the Neo-Babylonians
10.1 Jews return to Judah
10.2 Ends Babylonian Captivity
11 11. Romans put down rebellion in Judah
11.1 Many Jews were killed or enslaved
11.2 Jews flee Judah - known as Diaspora
11.3 Romans burned 2nd temple
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