Fourth of July: Think You Know It All?

Two hundred and thirty-eight long years ago, America was born.

The driving fight for freedom from taxation without representation was merely one of the main contributing factors for the drafting of the US Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July. Today, this national holiday is celebrated with an abundance of fireworks, family-time, and delicious barbecue (namely hotdogs, with over 100 million consumed each Independence Day).

How Well Do You Know The Fourth of July?

What exactly happened on the Fourth of July in 1776? Do you know? Take the quiz below to find out just how well you know the history of the national holiday!

Best Spots to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks are one of the main festivities of Fourth of July celebrations. Below are ten of the most beautiful places in the good ‘ol US of A to watch them boom, in honor of freedom:
Happy birthday, USA! May this year bring you even more Crayola crayons, Harley Davidson motorcycles, Gibson guitars, and delicious Wonder Bread than ever before.


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