10 Jobs of the Future and How to Study for Them

jobs of the futureIn our popular article on ‘Preparing Students for the Future‘ we mentioned that 65% of current students will end up in jobs that have not even been invented yet. These are literally the jobs of the future!

This can already be seen by looking at many of the ICT jobs which simply did not exist 10 years ago. Examples of these jobs can even be seen lurking in the ExamTime office such as specialists in SEO (search engine optimisation), content marketers, social media managers, application developers or experts in sustainability and community managers. Such careers have only recently come into existence.

The statistic discussed above is quite a startling so we decided we’d investigate the claim in more detail and see what these jobs may actually be. Our findings are based on the evidence we have today and also by analysing trends and taking some educated guesses. We aim to outline some of these jobs of the future and how you can prepare for them.

It needs to be said that we actually have no idea what types of jobs the future will hold. A new technology may come along tomorrow and completely disrupt what we thought was even possible. However, we can still try and imagine based on the evidence and trends of today.

10 Jobs of the Future & How to Study for Them

#1 Corporate Disrupter

Many large companies are incorporating the small start-up ethos of prioritising fresh ideas without hierarchical structures. Such an ethos and open structure allows start-ups to adapt to change quickly which larger more established companies struggle.

Incorporating the reflexive start-up culture into an organisation will be vital for businesses of the future. Overcoming the rigid company structures of the past could be an obstacle for many companies– an obstacle that would require a Corporate Disrupter. A Corporate Disrupter would be an expert at implementing ‘organised chaos’ in large corporations and in doing so would encourage the start-up culture from within.

What to Study: Studies related to Business Administration. Stay tuned to all the news and trends in the business world. Experience as an entrepreneur and in start-ups would be essential.

#2  Food Chemist

Food Chemist - Job of the FutureA food chemist is a professional in charge of developing and improving the taste and texture of food. This profession could have an unexpected boom thanks to new 3D printers which can print anything. They could even print food. There may even be a need for Astronaut Food Chemists as NASA have just recently announced their plans to print pizza in space!

What to Study: Knowledge and experience in chemistry and the kitchen. It is essential to keep abreast of the latest technological and culinary trends.

#3 Virtual Currency Speculator

Certain virtual currencies are gaining credibility among those who have a distrust of the current fiat currencies. Much of this distrust is due to the numerous economic and financial crises. However, even after ( if!?) the markets settle down, virtual currencies are now a reality. This is creating a whole new area for investment. The most popular example of this is virtual currency is Bitcoin.

What to Study: Knowledge of and experience in the financial markets as well as new technologies, currencies and online payment methods.

#4 Animal Migration Engineer

The spread of human civilisation has negatively impacted natural habitats. Moving animals from these habitats to new, similar or artificial areas may soon be the only way to save them from extinction. The job title of such work would be an Animal Migration Engineer. An Animal Migration Engineer would find out which species migrate, where they migrate to and make an “assisted migration”. This is an undertaking that would require a lot of research and massive manipulation of the natural world.

What to Study: Knowledge of engineering and biology. Stay tuned to all the trends and developments in these sectors, primarily biology.

#5 Technology Detox Therapist

Technology Detox Therapist - Job of the FutureEveryone knows that technology can be addictive. When you go out for a drink with friends, many of them remain hooked to their virtual mobile world. Unfortunately, as technology entwines itself more and more into our daily lives, this trend is only going to rise. This could lead to, in extreme cases, a Technology Detox Therapist. That is, a specialist in separating people from their technology and implementing strategies so that you can control your usage of technology.

What to Study: Knowledge of psychology and expertise in new technologies. Studying the impact of technology in humans.

#6 Hackschooling Expert

The hackschooling expert is a teacher who encourages their students to explore and experience the possibilities of technologies, rather than following the traditional paths in education. Today, there are already some initiatives that go down this road but, predictably, in the future there will be many more that require this type of professional. As we have discussed throughout this article, there is increasing uncertainty about the future and traditional education meeting the demands of any future technologically advanced society.

What to Study: Knowledge of teaching and, above all, an awareness of the trends of educational technologies.

#7 Digital Architects

Shane De FaoiteWhen we think of new technologies we usually think of them as carving out new markets and careers that have never before been envisioned. However, a major use of new technology is in transforming existing careers; by changing the way people do things. One such example of this is the effect new technologies are having on Architecture.

As architectural expert Shane De Faoite says, “Over the past decade many of the roles traditionally played by the architect have been divvied out to specialists (surveyors, quantity-surveyors, landscape architects, interior designers, acoustic engineers, etc.). Some architects make the argument that through the use of various new forms of digital design, the architect, given a new ability to control, understand, and monitor an infinitely more complex design and building system, can return to a position of master builder.”

In this way the architect will soon be in a symbiotic relationship with the digital technologies with which they use. As this technology becomes more powerful and common-place, this relationship will grow. In this way, the profession will be altered forever.

Some firms have already started to embrace this approach. Firms such as Zaha Hadid Architects, Frank Gehry, and Foster & Partners have dedicated departments relating to Digital Design and Specialist Modelling. Such departments shall become commonplace in the future.

What to Study: A degree and experience in Architecture. It is essential to have a passion for new technologies, to be an early-adopter and stay abreast of industry trends. You should devote any academic research to examining how new technology can be utilised by architects.

#8 Specialist in Foetus Medicine

Foetal medicine is a field that is undergoing an initial phase and has shown many advances in the United States. According to Lori Howeel, Executive Director of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “We are trying to cure the disease before the baby is born, before there is irreversible damage to the foetus” . Undoubtedly, this will be one of the great advances in medicine , so that the Doctors specialising in foetuses are one of the jobs of the future.

What to Study: Study medicine and specialise as much is possible in foetus development. In this case, there is little more you can do unless you have the ability to research in this field.

#9 Privacy Advisor

One of the challenges of the internet is protecting a user’s privacy. This is a topic that is making headlines lately due to the U.S. governments monitoring of virtual communication as well as Google’s efforts to protect the privacy of its users. However, in the future a profession such as a Privacy Advisor may be required to discover new ways and protect individuals from vulnerabilities while using the internet.

What to Study: Computer skills, programming and, again, keep abreast of all the technological advances.

Privacy Advisor - Jobs of the Future

#10 Personal Curator of Content

The amount of content on the internet is near infinite and increasing daily! So the question of how to choose what to focus on when surfing the net is always an important one. A Content Curator is someone who is like a personal assistant that recommends certain apps, hardware, software and information based on your interests and preferences. We would expect that it will not take long for search people to appear in the labour market.

What to Study: Read, read, read. Stay tuned to blogs and new applicationsHave a blog of your own and be active in social networks.

Personal Curator of Content - Job of the Future

As we have seen, the common denominator in all these new jobs is keeping up-to-date with new technologies and keeping abreast of any trends in a particular field. Education has now become a dynamic process where life-long learning is essential. The future is in your hands!

Check out this handy Flashcard deck about the Jobs of the Future and who to get them:


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