B6 U21- How health and social care developed in the UK

Ashleigh Fox
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Ashleigh Fox
Created by Ashleigh Fox over 6 years ago
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B6 U21- How health and social care developed in the UK
1 The vision of an all inclusive welfare state
1.1 Before the Welfare State - lack of basic, accessible health service
1.2 1930s - unemployment soaring meaning many people could not afford medical help
1.3 After the war, no-one wanted to go back to how things were
1.4 'Total war' - involving civilians and armed forces
1.5 Coalition government - Winston Churchill
1.6 1941 - Sir William Beveridge is appointed to look at social insurance and social services
1.7 1942 - Social Insurance and Allied Services - "Beveridge Report"
1.7.1 universal scheme covering everyone
1.7.2 unified and simple - people only had to pay into one fund to cover every benefit
1.7.3 Not means tested
1.7.4 national minimum - basic necessities covered
1.7.5 'Flat rate' scheme - everyone pays the same and if claiming, they claim the same
2 The Beveridge Report - Implications for Care
3 Back to the drawing board
4 Social Care - the poor relation?
5 The new National Health Service

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