My Understanding of Leadership

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Personal understanding of leadership

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My Understanding of Leadership
1 Ability
1.1 Capacity at which one is able to perform activities or tasks. This is definitely a primary style for me. I expect followers to learn the ability to perform and become leaders themselves.; if this is their goal. If not, then I will provide the tools necessary for them to perform.
2 Process
2.1 To help followers feel comfortable with each other and the situations at hand, I feel this style should go with relational. And I could see how I scored high on the assessment, as I am a teacher . I would rather show my followers how to perform rather than barking orders. To paraphrase Palmer, it all begins with the inner journey; "the work before the work."
3 Skill
3.1 Exuding the competence to successful complete tasks. Along with ability, my scored highest in this style of leadership. I train my employees to ask for guidance until they master tasks. This is, for me, the only way I know they are learning and following.
4 Relational
4.1 After scoring in the assessment, I felt sure this was one of my primary leadership styles. I was shocked when it wasn't. My methodical approaches sometimes don't allow for relationships. However, I form new relationships daily. It's my followers that need the most attention. This is an area of improvement for my leadership style.
5 Behavioral
5.1 Examination of what leaders do. I feel I do have "watchers" and they tend to mimic my leadership behavior, however this is not my primary leadership style.
6 Trait
6.1 "A Born Leader" which I am not. My leadership skills are learned. I do not feel any of my leadership traits were inherited.
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