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Fats and Oils


This all the things you need to know about fats and oils.
Taylor Watkins
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Taylor Watkins
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Fats and Oils
  1. Fats
    1. Fats are a nutrient that is essential for body energy, insulation, and protection.
      1. Protect internal organs from shock and injury, insulate the body, and promote healthy skin. The provide 9 calories per gram.
    2. Oils are fats that are liquid at room temperature. Oils come from plants and fish.
      1. My pyramid has an oil group and my plate does not have an oil group.
        1. Hydrogenation- chemical process making liquid fats into solid fats
          1. Lard- Extracted from animal fats
            1. Rancid- Fats that have begun to decompose
              1. Butter- fat extracted from milk and churned into a solid
        2. Lipids- A family of chemical compounds, which includes fat and oils.
          1. Cholesterol- A fat-like substance made of glucose or saturated fat( in our blood).
            1. Essential for many blood processes
              1. Produces hormones and bile acids
              2. HDL and LDL
                1. High/ Low density lipoprotein
            2. Fat is a great source of back up energy, should be secondary to carbohydrates.
              1. Fats are the most concentrated source of energy.
              2. Fat Functions.
                1. Supplies heat.
                  1. Carries Vitamin A,D,E,and K.
                    1. Adds flavor to food.
                      1. Protects organs from shock and injury.
                        1. Promotes healthy skin.
                    2. Satisfies hunger.
                    3. Fatty Acids are the chemical chains that make up fats.
                      1. Saturated- Usually come from animal suorces, solid at room temp.
                        1. Polyunsaturated- found in veggies and fish, semi liquid at room temp.
                          1. Monounsaturated- liquid at room temp.
                        2. Trans Fat- Unsaturated fat moluclue chemically changed to be a solid fat.
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