Leadership and School Improvement

Rachel Metzinger
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Lesson 9

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Leadership and School Improvement
  1. Critical Leadership Characteristics
    1. Leader promotes open communication and problem solving skills
      1. Leaders consistently use data to make decisions and use data to identify school needs
        1. Leaders use data to make decisions
          1. Leaders monitor and assistant during the implementation of the improvement plan
            1. Leaders develop a clear focus and vision for school improvment with open communciation between school building staff and faculty members
              1. Use Teacher expertise for instructional and improvement plans
                1. Leadership responsibilities are not based soley on one person but distributed throughout building leaders
                  1. Leaders develop a community that is based on open communication and the need to learn and improve
                    1. Leaders maintain a focus on student achievement
                    2. Organizational factors that impede leadership
                      1. Identifying a direction and plan
                        1. Lack of problem solving skills and communication
                          1. No trial and error- schools and leadership groups do not experiment or try various plans in the direction of student success and improvment
                            1. Lack of professional development for teachers
                              1. lack of research based instructional materials
                                1. Clear values and vision
                                  1. Lack of communication, collaboration and encouragement
                                    1. Time; time management strategies, time for change and implementation
                                    2. Instructional Leadership
                                      1. many factors contribute to instructional leadership and its effectiveness; instructional leadership differs at various school levels.
                                        1. Clear understanding of instructional practices and instruction going on within the individual classrooms
                                          1. Link between district initiatives and individual classroom practices
                                            1. Actions of a leader with a direct link to instruction; moreover direct link to instruction with individual students
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