Mary Tudor

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Mary Tudor
1 A devout Catholic; changed the country's religion back to Catholicism.
1.1 Recusants overjoyed!
1.2 Some people refused to follow the Catholic faith.
1.2.1 About 300 people all over the country were burned to death. Nicknamed 'Bloody Mary' by some.
1.3 England was officially a Catholic country once more.
1.3.1 Married priests were made to leave their wives
1.3.2 Church services and prayer books were in Latin once more.
1.4 Pope was the Head of the English and Welsh Churches again
2 Married Catholic King Philip of Spain
2.1 The Spanish were unpopular in England
2.2 He had affairs with lots of other women; cuckolding.
2.3 Longed for a child, rumoured to have given birth to several stillborn girls.
3 Lady Jane Grey
3.1 Chosen by Edward VI to become Queen.
3.1.1 It angered Mary.
3.2 Queen for 9 days in 1553.
3.2.1 Mary's troops marched into London and arrested her.
3.3 Ordered the execution of her, her husband and other family members.

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