Why did Britain want an Empire

Emma Barrett
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GCSE Useful Mind Map on Why did Britain want an Empire, created by Emma Barrett on 05/28/2013.

Emma Barrett
Created by Emma Barrett over 6 years ago
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Emma Barrett
Why did Britain want an Empire
1 Trade
1.1 Trade could be closley controled
1.2 British Merchants could trade all over the globe
1.3 Easier to trade more money more jobs
2 Raw Materials
2.1 Don't have raw materials
2.2 They were cheaper
2.3 Coca, rubber, wool, wheat, tea are all raw materials from other countries
3 Religion
3.1 To civilise native people
3.2 Spread Christianity
3.3 Missionares convert people to Christianity
4 Power
4.1 To control the world
4.2 To own more of Africa than other places
4.3 European countries competing for power. Have lots of power superioity.
5 Adventure
5.1 Competing with explorores to find a new country
5.2 People keen for adventure.
5.3 People where interested in following adventures.
6 Security
6.1 A small island needs to back up if it gets invaded ports
6.2 Transport to avoid rough sea.
6.3 Colonies provided people to work cheaply and fight for the country that controlled them

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