Pathology - Heart Conditions Continued

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Pathology - Heart Conditions Continued
1 Left Sided HF
1.1 Manifestated Relationships
1.1.1 Elevated filling (diastolic) pressures
1.1.2 dyspnea
1.1.3 insufficient cardiac output
2 Right sided HF
2.1 Causes
2.1.1 Overloaded LS Heart dysfunction (most common)
2.1.2 chronic RV pressure overload
2.2 Primary manifestations
2.2.1 elevated R atrial and systemic venous pressures
2.2.2 Renal dysfunction
3 Hypertensive Heart Disease (HHD)
3.1 Main cause
3.1.1 Increased demands on heart via hypertension --> pressure overload & ventricular hypertrophy
3.2 LS HHD
3.2.1 Most common, result of systemic Hypertension
3.3 RS HHD (cor pulmonale)


  • stems from pressure overload of right ventricle.  charcterized by right ventricular hypertrophy and dilation.
3.3.1 Caused by pulmonary hypertension Most commonly occurs as complication of LS HD
3.3.2 Morphology Marked dilation of right V w/out hypertrophy (Acute) thickening of R ventricular wall (chronic)
3.4 Morphology
3.4.1 Thickened ventricular wall Impaired diastolic filling
3.4.2 Microscopic increased in transverse diameter of myocytes (early stages) cellular and nuclear enlargment, along/w interstitial fibrosis (late stages)
4 Valvular HD
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