Gastrointestinal Pathology

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Gastrointestinal Pathology
1 Gastritis
1.1 Cronic
1.1.1 Long term use of NSAID's Heliobactor pylon Pernicious Anemia Radiation/chemotherapy
1.2 Acute
1.2.1 Erosive Superficial deep Hemorrhagic Causes NSAID's Ischemia Alcohol Stress
1.2.2 Nonerosive Heliobactor Pylon Causes Bacterial Viral etc Can lead to cronic
1.2.3 Pangastritis (whole stomach)
1.2.4 Antril Gastritis (part of)
1.3 Inflammatory changes in gastric mucosa
2 Polyps
2.1 1% become malignant
2.1.1 BUT show a predisposition to Colon cancer Can be inherited- Polyposis Syndrome
2.2 Benign
2.3 Hyperplastic Polyps
2.3.1 Found mostly in the Rectosigmoid region Those found in the Sigmoid Colon have potential to become malignant In the presence of Hyperplastic Polyposis Syndrom
2.4 Adenomas
2.4.1 Found anywhere Risk of malignancy depends on size and histology
2.5 Polyposis syndrome
2.5.1 Many hereditary causes
3 Colon Cancer
3.1 Causes
3.1.1 Smoking
3.1.2 Alcohol
3.1.3 Obesity
3.1.4 Crohn's Disease
3.2 2nd Highest in Men in Malta
3.3 Matastisies
3.3.1 Liver
4 Crohn's Disease
4.1 Affects mainly the illium but can affect anywhere in the tract
4.2 Causes
4.2.1 Family history
4.2.2 Smoking
5 Gastric(stomach) Cancer
5.1 Causes
5.1.1 Heliobactor Pylon Smoking
5.2 Adenocarcinoma
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