How to Make Flashcards Online to Memorize Quickly

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Using Online Flashcards to Memorize Better

Flashcards are used all over the world by many students studying for exams. Here at ExamTime, we took the idea of an original Flashcard and re-vamped it. You can now make Flashcards online with our tool that is easier and more fun to use than your regular Flashcards!

Benefits of Online Flashcards

make Flashcards onlineFlashcards are an easy way to memorize sets of related concepts. The key to memorization is repetition, and with a layout designed to be helpful and easy to use, you’ll have things memorized in no time!

The idea with Flashcards is to reduce your need for repetition progressively, i.e. moving from daily review, to weekly and monthly in order to memorize the information over the long-term. This will be a big help when it comes to exams. No matter what you think about cramming, that method only puts the information in your short term memory so it’ll only be harder to recall in a testing atmosphere.

Below is an example of an interactive flashcard deck with important history dates:

With our flashcard tool you have the ability to make flashcards online, edit them, rate them, look at the ones in our archives and pin them to be able to find them later. With the added advantage of being virtual, the benefits are endless:

  • No more carrying around scribbled-on cards from one place to another, or worrying about fraying edges, they’ll be stored on your ExamTime account, accessible from any device
  • No need to shuffle, edit or add them, you can do all that with one click
  • You won’t need to worry about your friends losing them, you can share your flashcards with your friends online and even collaborate on new ones

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Using Flashcards to Study

Flashcards can be used for learning any subject matter, from mathematics to history, philosophy, medicine and law. The possibilities are never-ending. Have a look for yourself, here are some resources made by teachers and students like you:

There are thousands of online flashcards already ready to explore on our online library – take a look here.

How to Make Flashcards Online

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably already more than convinced how important Flashcards are as a study tool.

With all these benefits in mind, it’s time for you to make flashcards online yourself. ExamTime gives you the fastest,  most simple and visual tools to create informative and creative flashcards for all your exam needs.

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