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Create customised courses by assembling content that works in sequence for a more fluid and effective learning cycle.

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Scheduled Course Delivery

Easily make sure your employees or students can access course material on time, every time.

Ensure timely access to training or learning material by scheduling the date you wish to share your course content. A simple notification on users’ activity feeds then lets them know that your course is online and available to use.

Organise Your Content Delivery

Customised Learning Stream

Go with the flow - control users' navigation through your course content.

Control the sequence in which users interact with your training or learning content. Give them the freedom to progress through course content at their own pace or in a pre-designed sequence you’ve set for them.



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Clarity through Context

Add intros, commentaries or summaries for added course clarity.

Increase users’ understanding of course content by providing more context. Course Builder lets you add comments or outlines between your resources so that you can introduce, assess or summarise the material in question.

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Results and Reporting

Improve how your content works to improve how your learners work.

When you’re a GoConqr Campus user, you can track the effectiveness of your course content using the Reporting tool to check users’ performance in stages or as a whole. Then optimise your content to increase positive learning outcomes.

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