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A world of knowledge is just a tap or swipe away with our mobile learning apps for iOS and Android devices.

GoConqr App

Never leave your learning material behind again.

The GoConqr mobile learning app is fully synced with your web account so that you can instantly and easily access all the resources you’ve created on desktop from your mobile device. It really is like having a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

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GoConqr Mobile learning app
Flashcards Maker app

Flashcards App

Make the most of those moments of inspiration.

Whether you’re relaxing in a cafe or sitting on a bus, our Flashcards mobile learning app lets you easily design, create and share your own resources, as well as view, copy and edit the millions of resources created by other users too. All so you can memorise key facts, dates, concepts and more, no matter where you are.

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Mind Maps App

Connect big concepts on small screens.

Our new Mind Maps mobile learning app lets you create and edit stunning mind maps in minutes. Simply tap the screen to create a node, then drag it to where you want to place it. Not only is the Mind Maps app extremely intuitive, but it’s incredibly easy to navigate too, meaning you can discover and edit thousands of user-created mind maps in no time.

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Quiz Making app

Quiz Maker App

Challenge your knowledge. Broaden your horizons.

Repeated testing is a proven technique for retaining crucial information. The GoConqr Quizzes app for Android and iOS lets you create awesome Quizzes from your mobile learning device so you can easily share them with friends, or challenge yourself by taking countless Quizzes created by other users. Make more of your spare time by fine-tuning your knowledge on your own terms.

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Slides App

One resource to combine them all.

The beauty of Slides is their versatility. Our Slides Maker app lets you seamlessly integrate text with a multitude of media such as images, video, external links, and other GoConqr resources. By choosing from a selection of pre-designed templates and themes you can quickly and easily produce Slides that are stunning enough to present whether in the boardroom or the classroom.

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Slides Maker app


Coming Soon

Remember key facts, dates and places by creating notes while out and about – on field trips, in the library, or even while traveling from place to place.

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