5 Best ACT Test Tips

Best Act Test Tips To Get You Ready For Exam Success

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5 Best ACT Test Tips

ACT-exam-stress At GoConqr we are experts in the examination process. Not simply because we discuss course material and notes but because we have been throughthe process. We know the outcomes and we know what needs to be done. Understanding this comes as much from failing as from succeeding. But we are here now to help you succeed. The ACT Test is the exam that contributes to your progression from High School to University so pay attention to the Best Act Test Tips.

1. Read Everything Before Doing anything.

Many students, no matter what exam it is they sit fall victim to this. They receive their exam book and before reading anything, jump head first into answering questions in a bid to get all their knowledge down before they forget it.  This can be a result of nerves, too much caffeine in the system or simply being over eager. Don’t do this. When you receive your book, read the instructions carefully. When you have done that, proceed to the questions and read them thoroughly too. When you feel comfortable and confident, proceed.

2. Answer Everything

Unlike other exams, the ACT Test does not negative mark. That means that it does not take points away for incorrect answers so try to answer everything. Start off with the easy ones and come back to the harder ones at the end. If you are still having problems, check out tip number 4.

3. Time Keeping

ACT-timekeeping This is something you need to master. During most ACT Tests, you will be given notification when you have 5 minutes remaining. This should be done asyou conclude each section of the ACT Test. To avoid any confusion, GoConqr advises that you ask your proctor (person who is in charge of the exam) in advance of the exam, to let you know when the 5 minute warning is due. This is common and within the rules so do not worry about getting in trouble or looking out of place. We recommend that everyone does this. Do not rely on someone else doing it for you.

4. Process Of Elimination

Like any multiple choice examination, there will always be some answers that are way wrong. Cross these off and move on. This may seem like a straight forward thing to do but it it really is a useful tip in narrowing down the correct answer.

5. Arrive Equipped

ACT-accessories There are certain items you will need for the ACT Test and certain items you will be permitted. Remember to bring your admission ticket and a validform of photo identification, without these you cannot sit the exam. Additionally, GoConqr recommend the following: a couple of No.2 pencils (in case one snaps),  a watch (in case the batteries are dead in the clock at the exam hall). Finally, an energy drink and some fruit. If you read our SAT guide to brain fuel, you will know how this can help. For the ACT Math Subjects, remember to bring your calculator.

By now you should be ready for ACt Success, if you’d like some additional help, head on back to the ACT Index Page for more advice and support.

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