8 Great GRE Tips

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8 Great GRE Tips

Ask anyone who has sat the GRE Test how they prepared for it and you will begin to see a reoccurring pattern of stress, anxiety and worry. Getting into Graduate School is an important goal for many students. Do you ever feel that everything is against you during that period running up to an important exam?

  • Time is running out
  • You begin finding it difficult to remember things
  • Your notes have become scattered and clustered
  • Preparation and readiness feel a million miles away

If any of these feelings sound familiar to you, sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee, take 5 minutes away from the books and take on board these GRE Tips that will help calm and refocus things for you:



1. Retrace your steps: Many GRE test takers have long since forgotten the basic fundamentals of Math. Simply put, the average age of a GRE test taker is that of someone who finished High School a long time ago and unfortunately the quantitative reasoning section of the exam covers just that. So go back over old school material and become familiar with it all again.

2. Big words: Fingers crossed you paid attention during English class while in school. If not you are well advised to pick up an Oxford English Dictionary and make it your friend. Alternatively, have a go at our GRE Flashcards deck and then begin creating your own. The GRE Verbal reasoning section is the next level up from its SAT counterpart and far more intricate so be warned.

3. Prepare: We know that sitting these tests can be a costly process but if you can spare a little extra, a GRE Prep Course is something we do advise. Parts of the GRE are about critical thinking rather than just remembering what you once learned in school. These prep courses target exactly that and will help you get familiar with the GRE testing method.


4. No stone left unturned: By this we mean. answer every question. The GRE test does not mark negatively so go ahead and answer everything. Take your time with the early questions though because your performance will affect subsequent questions

5. Start backwards: In the reading comprehension section, read the answers first. This is an old-school trick that has been on the go for a long time but it still works well and the GRE test is no different. It works as a time saving trick and gives you an insight into what you need to be looking for in the body of text.


6. Scratch that: The GRE test does not allow you to bring paper in with you so make use of the scratch paper you are give. Use it to jot down Math formulas and equations or similarly for English vocab and essay ideas.


7. If at first you don’t succeed: Try again. You can decide whether you want prospective grad schools to receive all your GRE scores or just the most recent ones.

8. Sit back and enjoy:  If you have honestly prepared well for the test and used these and other GRE Tips to your advantage, you can hope to get admitted to the graduate school of your choice. So sit back and be ready for exam success with GoConqr.


In the mean time, familiarize yourself with GRE content. Practice here with our free tools regularly and create your own GRE quizzes, notes and more or avail of those created by other users which you can find back on our GRE Index Page.

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