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Improve your A-Levels Grades with GoConqr

If you want to improve your a-levels grades in a few short months, you may be juggling a number of subjects and all the study notes which accompany these. When choosing your A-level subjects, you may have considered what you enjoy, where your strengths lie, advice from teachers, friends and your parents and of course the university you want to attend will always be at the forefront of your mind. One thing you may not have thought about before choosing your subjects however is how to structure and organise you’re A-level revision.

Are you struggling to keep control over the amount of study material you need to keep? If you’re part of this year’s group of A-level students, you will have grown up with technology all around you which many of you are already using to your advantage for your studies. One way of using technology to improve your A-levels grades is by using Online Notes.

See an example of an GoConqr Online Note outlining Culture, Family & Wealth for A-level Sociology:

Get to Grip with Your A-levels Using Online Notes

Useful, informative and explorative study notes are key to productive A-level revision. If you want to improve your a-levels grades, finding a way to build a reliable set of study notes to suit your needs is paramount. At GoConqr, we have created an easy-to-use interface where you can create and store your study material and gain from using Online Notes.

Online Notes can help A-level Students:

  • Organise your A-level subjects
  • Get the most out of any learning style
  • Collaborate with other sixth form students
  • Access your study notes anywhere at any time

As sixth form students, you have enough on your hands with the higher level of coursework and workload without wasting time trying to find a way to organise your A-level subjects. Make the transition to university easier on yourself and get ahead by adopting a new way of learning using education technology tools such as Online Notes.

GoConqr can help you discover the power of using Online Notes to improve your a-levels grades. Get started creating your first Online Study Note with GoConqr now.

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Online Study Notes for A-levelsGoConqr provides a blank canvas for you to easily record your thoughts and keep track of your subjects. Enhance your A-level revision at every stage of the learning process, start slowly and build your notes. Put ideas into your own words plus incorporate other useful resources by embedding interactive content such as videos, images, audio, slideshows and more. GoConqr’s Online Notes tool even allows you to ‘play’ your note using Play Mode so you can focus your attention and concentrate.

GoConqr was created to help you reap all the benefits of Online Notes plus other online learning resources including Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes and a Revision Timetable. Looking for more A-level revision tips? Check out our Ultimate Study Guide for A-levels for more advice and resources!

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