What is a Good AP Score?

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What is a Good AP Score?


When they finally get a letter from College Board with their AP scores, many students will think to themselves, “wait, what does this mean again?” Interpreting your AP scores can be confusing because there are so many different opinions out there of what is a “good” AP score. First off, if you get a really low number, don’t panic—the scores aren’t out of 100 like most tests or out of 2400 like the SAT. Second, before you jump to any conclusions, remind yourself that the AP tests are the most challenging standardized exams a high school student can take. Any score is above average! Here at ExamTime we have everything you need to know to interpret your AP scores.

Essential AP scores Information:

  • Scores range from 1-5 for each subject test
  • There’s no fee to send scores to your college as long as you check off the school on your answer sheet (This is great to do if you already know what college you will be attending when you take the test!)
  • Your score will never be detrimental to your strength as an applicant; if you don’t think your score is representative of your abilities, you don’t need to send it.
  • Most, but not all, colleges view a “good” score on the AP as a 3 or higher.
  • If you are going to a school that has a lot of core curriculum classes, your AP scores a great way to demonstrate your proficiency in a subject so you don’t have to take as many requirements.
  • Adding your AP scores to your Common App is great for reinforcing your strength as a student, in addition to your transcript and SAT or ACT scores.

Eager to learn more? Check out our response from one of the members of the team at ExamTime about her experience with taking AP’s:

ap success“I took all of my AP’s with a great deal of hesitancy. I never understood the ‘point’ of taking the test, I just signed up because everyone else in my honors classes were taking them. I didn’t know back then how useful they could be when applying to college, and I ended up being glad I took them. It was quite rewarding to be able to get my scores back and have proof of my college-level proficiency in a few subjects (I took French, Calculus AB, and English Literature). I ended up adding my AP scores to my common app, and I’m heading to an Ivy League next to year. So, I can’t say that they hurt! When I was studying, I used a lot of online flashcards and other online study tools. I’m not the most organized of students, and since there was so much material to study for the AP’s, it was really nice to have all my topics in one accessible place. I would really recommend using ExamTime when studying for your next AP’s, I really think it will make a difference. Stress is the worst possible thing for your test performance. When you’re stressing out about the all of your school work, it’s so great to have a free and easy-to-use online study program that you can use at school, at home, or even on your phone. Good luck with everything!”

ExamTime is a very popular online study tool for AP test prep, and it is definitely worth checking out if you would like to add a good AP score to your college application. For great tips, tools, and information about AP exam prep, check out our AP test homepage. Or, if you are ready to start your AP studying now, try out Mind Maps, Notes, Quizzes, Flashcards, or Study Planner with ExamTime.

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