The Secret to Success on Your Next AP Test

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The Secret to Success on Your Next AP Test

Taking an AP test is anything but easy.

However, we, at ExamTime, are here to help. We know how stressful, competitive, and busy high school can be, especially if you are in the midst of the college process. The AP (Advanced Placement) Exams are a great way to exemplify your knowledge to both college admissions officers and to your teachers, peers, and yourself. We all know any AP test will be challenging—they’re meant to be. But, don’t stress yourself too much! Being at a level to even be able to take the test is already very impressive. You should be proud of yourself because you have worked so hard to excel in your subject. So, are you looking for the key to success on your next AP test so you can let all that hard work pay off? Signing up for ExamTime is the first step towards getting a 5.


ExamTime is a free, all-inclusive online learning platform that provides you with flashcards, study planners, mind maps, and more for your AP test prep. In fact, we have seen a great deal of test and exam success from students who use ExamTime. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our features on EuroNews, The Guardian, Life Hacker, Hub Pages, and the Huffington Post. Studying for your AP test with ExamTime will…

  • Give you a planned, organized approach
  • Offer many different and effective study methods
  • Allow you to study at home, at school, or on-the-go
  • Help you collaborate and share study materials with study groups

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Once you have made a habit of studying with ExamTime, we ensure you will see results. Having a convenient and effective study method for your AP test and for other exams in the future has really paid off for our users. Many have reported that Examtime helps…

  • Reduce stress and anxiety through efficient studying
  • Increase motivation with helpful and accessible tools
  • Keep you engaged due to Examtime’s interactive online approach

ap mapEspecially since any AP test will have tons of material, you’re much better off getting started on your studying early so you don’t end up cramming the week before the test. So, why not sign up now? And did we mention that it’s free? Take next step towards getting a 5 on your next AP!

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Here at ExamTime, we have the best online study tools for your AP exam prep. We also have great sample resources and expert tips to get your started. Take a look below!

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