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Create CAHSEE Study Guide Using Mind Maps

There are so many possible types of essay prompts, it might seem impossible to prepare for them all. Your teachers have told you a million times what the state wants for each type of essay, but what if you forget the day you sit to take your CAHSEE tests? Outline it all, and get prepared using Mind Maps.

Mind Maps are the perfect way to lay out information regarding any subject, especially when you are being expected to understand how each aspect relates to another. Using Mind Maps as a tool for learning is a sure way to help organize your thoughts. Use GoConqr’s Mind Maps to outline possible essay prompts, or simply to clarify information in one of your classes.

The Mind Map tool is simple to use, and allows you to creatively express ideas. Create your own comprehensive CAHSEE study guide, and keep all of the important information you receive in your classes in one place. GoConqr’s Mind Maps allow you to attach Notes, Slides, Flashcards, or Quizzes to a node, to provide more knowledge and aid in your learning. Get started making your own Mind Maps here, or take a second to look at some tips for making your first Mind Map for CAHSEE tests here:

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GoConqr is an online learning platform that can help you stay organized in your classes. It will help make the first time you take the CAHSEE test the very last time. GoConqr is easy to use, and it’s free! Get started creating Mind Maps here:

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