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Deeper learning is still a new concept but one that is gaining more enthusiasts every day. This promising approach empowers students to apply newly acquired core academic knowledge into real-life situations. The goal is to prepare them for the future. A future that, with its own particular challenges, will be different from today and will require them to think critically and adapt  faster.

During the deeper learning process, students acquire and practice key life-competencies such as communication, problem-solving and collaboration. This is done in a real-life setting, encouraging students to take ownership of their learning.

By combining deeper learning with the traditional curriculum-central approach, students will not only obtain theoretical knowledge but will also gain deeper understanding. Better still, they will learn to apply it, increasing their motivation.

“Education is the use of knowledge which brings about development and impact many lives”  Lailah Gifty Akita

Deeper Learning: Connecting Ideas with Mind Maps

Critical thinking is key when attempting deeper learning. However, how can this be achieved without being able to understand the big picture, as well as smaller components? The answer is mind mapping.

Mind Maps are great for brainstorming, organizing and connecting ideas. They are easy to create and encourage creativity by displaying information in a visual way. Furthermore, online mind maps are shareable and can be accessed from anywhere, making communication and collaboration between students easier and more effective. This way, the deeper learning experience will not be confined to the four walls of a classroom because ideas and learning do not only happen in the classroom.

GoConqr’s free Mind Mapping tool allows students to obtain a personal perspective on various matters and then share it with their peers, encouraging them to communicate and discuss. So, why not explore project-based learning with your class today and let your pupils surprise you with their immense potential?

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Deeper Learning: Collaborating and Communicating Online

Every person’s thought process is different. Some people are more creative during the day while others peak at night. Many people get inspiration in nature and others prefer to work in a room without distractions. So, how about giving your students the ability to communicate and collaborate when and where ideas happen?

With GoConqr, teachers can easily set up a space to discuss, contribute and share thoughts anytime and from anywhere, facilitating a personalized learning experience for everyone. This can be achieved whilst maintaining the communication channels open so that the process remains a collaborative one.

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