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How to Ace Your GED Exam

Expert GED Tips

ged tipsHere at GoConqr, we have the expert GED tips and test help you need to pass the exam. If you follow our advice, we promise that you will be so much closer to passing the GED and taking your next step to college or a career. You only want to take the GED once, right?

No need to stress, we’re here to help. Take some time to read our expert GED tips below.

How to Pass Your Next GED

1.   Stay Healthy and Get Plenty of Sleep

In the days, or even weeks, leading up to your GED exam, it is very important that you stay healthy and get plenty of sleep. A healthy body will foster a healthy mind, so don’t forget to go to bed early the night(s) before the test. Also, on the test day, eat a hearty, healthy breakfast so you have plenty of energy!

2.  Don’t Be Afraid to Guess

Getting stuck during the test happens to everyone. The best thing to do in this situation is to go with your gut; since there is no penalty for wrong answers on the GED, guessing will never hurt you. If you have the time, answer every question. And if you have been reviewing with GoConqr resources like GED Flashcards and Mind Maps, odds are your answer will be right!

3.  Practice, Practice, and more Practice!

ged practice

Dedicating time to practice tests and sample questions is the best way to prepare the GED Test. However, don’tcram all your practice into the week before your exam. Cramming can be ineffective and stressful—you are much better off doing just a bit of studying and practicing each day over a longer period of time. If you are feeling overwhelmed or too busy and need help with your time management, GoConqr’s Study Planner is a perfect tool to get you organized. Also, check out our notes feature, which is great for making study guides or adding in your sample questions so you can practice whenever you want.

4.  Read Carefully

Wording in the GED test can be very tricky, especially with long word problems in the Math test or with graphs and diagrams in the science test. So, one of the most important GED tips is that you take your time when you read directions to avoid making silly mistakes. Also, in the reading section, it’s always great to skim the questions before you read a passage, so then you know what to look for.

5.  Be Mindful of the Time

Bringing a watch or small table/alarm clock to your test is definitely a good idea, especially if you are taking the test in a large test center. There is a chance you won’t have a clear view of the clock in your test room, and it is important that you check (but not obsessively) how much time you have left. If you get stumped on a question, make an educated guess or skip it and come back so you have time to get through the rest. You’re better off tackling the ones you know the answers to so you can get more points!

We hope these GED Tips were helpful for you. We also hope that you now you are ready to begin or continue your GED test prep with GoConqr. If you are looking for more GED tips and resources, head back to our GED home page. Or, if you are ready to start using some of your own study tools, sign up now for free!

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