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How to Study GCSE Maths Online

Maths is one of the core/compulsory subjects students must take for their GCSE exams but it is also a subject many people have difficulty getting to grips with. If you are not mathematically minded, tackling maths problems can be a challenge. However, the importance of maths cannot be understated as most university courses include some level of maths while almost every profession employs maths on a daily basis.

Many students don’t know how to study maths to get good exam results. If you feel panic at the thought of approaching GCSE maths questions, don’t stress – there are wide range of GCSE resources already available on GoConqr. GoConqr is a free web-app where you can create, share and discover study resources for all your GCSE subjects.

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Maths Resources for GCSE Exams

The maths curriculum is broken down into three main sections; Algebra & Number, Geometry & Measure and Statistics and Probability. To prepare for your maths exam comprehensively, you need to be able to answer questions from each of these areas.

Our online study resources can help you prepare for each question on your GCSE maths online exam. Not only can you access numerous GCSE resources on GoConqr, you can also test your knowledge with GCSE past papers, learn the best revision tips for learning maths and create a Revision Timetable to organise your study!

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GCSE Maths Online Revision with GoConqr

GoConqr can help you prepare for your exam by practicing GCSE maths online questions using our Flashcards, Quizzes and Notes tools. Keep track of your maths formulae using Flashcards, store your maths theory online with Notes and test your knowledge with Online Quizzes.

Our LaTeX maths feature allows you to simply add mathematical symbols and equations to your online study resources. You can enter fractions, powers, square roots, degrees, symbols such as pi, sin, cos, tan and much more maths symbols, see the Maths Quiz above for an example. Use our easy-to-follow guide to find out how easy it is to insert maths symbols and equations into our study resources. You can also map out your curriculum with Mind Maps plus keep more extensive notes using our Online Study Notes tool.

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