Why GCSE Online Revision Books Are in the Past

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Why GCSE Online Revision Books Are in the Past

As students have access to a vast amount of information online, GCSE online revision books are being left behind in favour of new education technology. Not only does the internet allow students and teachers to access GCSE past papers and revision notes easily, you can improve your revision and exam results by using online learning tools.

GoConqr helps students ditch their GCSE Maths, English, Science and other books by providing free study aids including Mind Maps, Revision Timetable and Flashcards. Discover more GCSE tools, tips and study resources or start creating your first Flashcard deck with GoConqr here.

Test yourself with this GCSE Maths Flashcard deck:

Benefits of Using Online Flashcards to Study

Flashcards are the perfect way to boost your memory and revise before your GCSE exams. As memory aids or prompt, they act as a reminder and link to more detailed information stored in your brain when studying.

Online Flashcards Can Help GCSE Students:

  • Quickly revise your study notes before your exams
  • Challenge your memory by testing your knowledge
  • Share your Flashcards with your classmates
  • Easily Learn on the go using your mobile device

Why buy expensive GCSE online revision books when you can create, share and discover study notes and Flashcards online for free? Get started creating your first deck of Online Flashcards here.

GoConqr’s Free Online Study Flashcard Tool

Our GCSE Online Flashcards tool incorporates all the advantages of paper flashcards but are also environmentally friendly! The best thing about using Online Flashcards to study is that you can add images and divide the workload by sharing your notes with your classmates.

Online Flashcards for GCSE RevisionGoConqr’s Online Flashcard tool is especially useful for GCSE Maths students as you can enter mathematical symbols and equations using our LaTeX feature such as in the example above. From simple equations such as quadratic equations to more complex formulas and equations, GoConqr’s LaTeX Equation Editor means you can insert these online and to study GCSE maths on the go. Test your GCSE Maths formulae with the Flashcards embedded above!

Boost your exam revision with our Online Flashcards plus try our Mind Mapping, Online Quizzes and Study Notes tools too. Prepare for your GCSE exams the easy way by creating, sharing and discovering our large library of free study resources.

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