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Get Your GCSE Subjects Into Shape!

Students can take up to 12 GCSE Subjects and this can mean a chaotic mess of study notes. The best way to focus on studying is to create an organised set of study notes which will not only help you learn by keep you motivated to study. Establishing a useful set of study notes means you can jump in and approach your GCSE curriculum with confidence.

Integrating technology into your learning process can be highly beneficial, plus it’s easy to do. Organise your GCSE subjects in one, easy-to-access place using Online Study Notes. Keep track of your GCSE syllabus and never lose your study notes again.

Discover more GCSE tools, tips and study resources here or create your first Study Note here. See an example of an GoConqr Note created to help you study “Of Mice and Men” for GCSE English Literature:

Benefits of Using Online Study Notes

Keeping useful study notes is essential to GCSE exam success as they can be built upon and provide all the information you need to know on a particular topic. Firstly, you need to understand the way you study best then adapt your notes to suit your needs. Read why you should use Online Notes to study below.

Online Notes Can Help GCSE Students:

  • Access all your study notes in one place
  • Organise your notes for all your GCSE subjects
  • Collaborate with your classmates by sharing resources
  • Quickly record ideas or thoughts in your virtual space

Discover the power of using online learning tools such as Notes to enhance your learning and improve your exam results. Get started creating your first Online Study Note with GoConqr here.

GoConqr’s Free Online Notes Tool

Study Notes for GCSE StudentsOur Notes tool, part of our free online learning platform, enhances your study at every stage of the learning process. Whether you are jotting down notes in a lecture or class, building an extensive Note by embedding videos and other rich media or study resources such as Mind Maps or Quizzes or collaborating with your classmates – GoConqr is the ideal tool to help you learn.

GoConqr gives you the space to create your GCSE notes the way you want and need them. You can even use them to plan your GCSE curriculum for example by outlining your GCSE maths syllabus and including all the topics you need to include (Algebra, Statistics & Probability and Geometry).

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