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Generate Great Mind Maps For Your GRE Test Prep

Welcome to GoConqr. Our platform has been designed with you the test taker in mind. Our tools allow you to create, design and share your GRE Test Prep study notes. In this section on GRE Mind Maps we will be showing you how you can get an overview of the test, the best way to deploy this information using Mind Maps and reminding you that these tools are all FREE to use. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you decide to sit the test or where. Unlike conventional study methods GoConqr has no boundaries, can be accessed anywhere and stores all of your work on site for the next time you return. You can even catch up when on the go with our free mobile apps.

Above is a very simple example of what you can do with our Mind Maps. The tool allows you link ideas, get an overview of an exam and more. You can colour code sections of the test, add images and share your creation anywhere. All of this is achieved using the GoConqr Mind Map platform. When you have signed up with us the tool is there for you to use at will, as often as you like and for free. The simple drag and place functionality of the GRE Mind Map feature is what makes this tool so popular with our users. Your GRE Test Prep can improve greatly with the use of our Mind Map resources.


When you begin your GRE Test Prep with GoConqrMind Maps you will be presented with a blank canvas and just one single ‘node’. By the end you will have created multiple pathways and sections to help you better understand sections of the GRE test such as Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and the Analytical Writing section. Map out how you plan to tackle each section. Allocate how much time you will give to each section. Use the note feature to scribble down extra suggestions surrounding a particular node.


Mind Maps are just one of 6 free and great tools you can use when you sign up to GoConqr. Your GRE Test Prep starts here and with GoConqr we believe you can achieve anything. Head on back to our GRE Test page to look at some more of our tools or if you feel ready, sign up with us and start creating your very own mind maps.

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