Resources Double As IB Teacher Tools

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Share Resources With Your Entire Class

Resources you create can easily be shared with all of your classes using the Groups tool.

Quiz Your Students As A Group Online

Give your students access to pre-testing materials you've created, so they can practice for an exam.

Use Mind Maps For Presentations

Quickly set up a Mind Map and use it to present your lesson in class.

Make Teacher Tools Out Of ExamTime's Resources

teaching 4Let’s face it: teachers put in just as much stressful prep for the school year as students do. Lesson plans, teacher meetings, decorating the classroom… Okay so decorating the classroom is kind of fun, but you get the point. Teachers have a lot to do before school starts, and not very much time. Being efficient with time and staying organized are the most important factors in back to school preparation. There is no easier way to save time or stay organized than to have all of your kiddos’ resources and study materials in one place before they even start.

ExamTime is the perfect avenue to do just that. Although ExamTime is an online learning platform aimed first at helping students succeed, the resources available double as teacher tools. Set up study-friendly Mind Maps, Quizzes, Flashcards, and Notes to provide your students with helpful information regarding what you’re teaching. Our Groups tool was set up with teachers in mind. Once your students sign up on ExamTime for free, they can access any teacher tools you set up for them using the Groups resource. Using ExamTime is simple, saves time, and it’s free! Sign up today, and let us help you help your students.

Check out this Mind Map created on ExamTime to see ten ways your students can succeed better during IB exam time:

The Benefits of Using ExamTime as a Teaching Tool

The benefits of using ExamTime are substantial for both you and the environment. Check out some of the ways you can reduce your paper consumption, and keep students a few steps ahead of the game. Benefits include:

  • Convenient distribution of information/study resources using Groups tool
  • Time saved through the easy-to-make resources
  • No need to print and carry materials to and from class (save the trees!)
  • Students have access to all resources you share with them for as long as its available in the group
  • No missed handouts or students asking for catch up sheets
  • Quizzes offer you a way to help your students study for your exams
  • Notes tool offers you the ability to put your class notes up for students to look at after-the-fact
  • Mind Map tool is perfect for lesson presentations
  • Flashcards are another study tool that will help your students learn the information they require

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Join ExamTime now to be one step ahead of the getting-ready-to-go-back-to-school craze. Many teachers and students already love the online resources, and the results they’re providing. Check out what some of them have to say about us here! Get started creating teacher tools out of ExamTime resources here:

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