Learning Languages Online for A-levels?

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Learning Languages Online for A-levels?

Learning a new language is never easy.

Along with learning new vocabulary, you need to understand grammar, sentence structure, how to handle past, present and future tenses plus a whole host of other linguistic differences completely foreign to your tongue. If you feel like your friends are picking up Spanish, French, German or other languages ahead of you, you may not have an aptitude for languages but this doesn’t mean that you will fail your exams!

It’s only natural to panic at the thought of learning a new language but there are a range of memory techniques which you can use to lighten your workload and stress on your brain. One of the biggest challenges you will face is learning an entirely new set of vocabulary associated with your new language. Flashcards are the ideal tool to help you learn languages online for a-levels as they aid your memorisation of new information.

See an example of an GoConqr Flashcard deck with A-level French Vocabulary below:

Key to Success of Learning Languages Online for A-Levels!

Students have been using Flashcards to learn languages online for A-Levels for a lifetime as they are a quick way to actively recall information. They are the ideal way to help you remember tons of new vocabulary, phrases, phonetics and even keep track of grammar rules.

Using Online Flashcards means you can benefit even further as you can add visuals, quickly type up your notes, access your deck from anywhere and share them to test your friends’ knowledge.

Online Flashcards can help you:

  • Memorise vocabulary, phrases and facts easily
  • Encourage you to actively recall what you are studying
  • Incorporate visuals to maximise learning
  • Constantly test yourself to challenge your brain

93% of teachers say that Flashcards help students learn languages (Voxy ELT Poll, 2011)  – now do you think that it’s time to give Online Flashcards a go?! Get started making your first deck of Online Flashcards for your A-levels with GoConqr here.

Revise for A-levels Online with GoConqr

Online Flashcards for A-levelsGoConqr’s Free Flashcard Maker is designed to help you learn languages online for A-levels. Whether you’re studying French, Italian, Spanish or Chinese, we can help you prepare for your A-levels online. Creating a Flashcard deck takes just minutes and means you can test your knowledge from anywhere so you don’t waste any of your precious time!

Our easy-to-use Flashcards tool and other study resources including Mind Maps, Quizzes, Notes and a Revision Timetable maker can help boost your motivation to study. Challenge your sixth form classmates by sharing your first Flashcard deck to impress them with your knowledge!

GoConqr is a free online learning platform where you can create, share and discover a large library of Flashcards plus Mind Maps, Quizzes and Notes. Looking for more A-level revision tips? Check out our Ultimate Study Guide for A-levels for more advice and resources!

Take the first step to improving your language skills with GoConqr here:

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