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LSAT Prep Guide

I object! …to stress over the LSAT’s.

lsatLSAT – Law School Admission Test. A test written by any prospective law school student that can determine whether or not that student is accepted. Only about 6% of students get accepted to law school after writing the LSAT’s in Ontario*. The LSAT is known as being the best predictor of first year law school success, testing on reading comprehension, logic, critical thought and verbal reasoning. *(OUAC. 2013)

Yes, the LSAT’s are an extremely important test to write for any hopeful law student but they don’t need to cause any unnecessary stress – as long as you properly prepare.

The team here at ExamTime wants to help. We offer a free online learning platform to give you all the study resources you’ll need to ace the LSAT’s. Our Mind Maps, Flashcards, Study Planner, Group Features and Quizzes can all help you keep track of fact versus hearsay so you can handle the truth!

What to Expect from the LSAT:

1) It doesn’t test your knowledge.

The LSAT test skills on reading and critical thought and doesn’t assume that writers have any previous knowledge of any particular topic. It will require you to think in a very different way than you’re used to, that’s you need to study and prepare for at least 3 months before taking the LSAT. Also you aren’t penalized for wrong answers so make sure to answer every question! A great ExamTime tool to use to prepare for this are the Mind Maps because they allow you to work through a problem in a visual way which will help you retain the information.

2) Confidence is key.

It is very important to go into the LSAT feeling 100% confident that you’re fully prepared – the first time. If you don’t feel totally confident then it’s a better idea to wait and take it later. Most law schools average out your scores so a bad score can be highly influential on your acceptance. Give yourself enough time to properly prepare and set goals for yourself during the months leading up to the test, all using our Study Planner tool.

3) Timing is everything.

The LSAT is designed to be a time constraint with just over a minute allotted for each question, meaning you won’t have time to go back and review your answers. The test has a combination of easier questions, that are usually shorter, and then longer more difficult questions. Keep a watch handy so as not to waste time on either types of questions! ExamTime has a Flashcard tool that can help you learn how to quickly answer questions and test your knowledge.

4) Practice makes perfect.

The more you practice, the more you’ll notice patterns in the LSAT. There are only a few types of questions on the test so with practice you should learn how to recognize the type of question and then know how to solve it. By practicing it will also help you notice the very subtle, yet very significant words like “if,” “unless,” and “only” that can mean all the difference to a question. Make your own Quizzes on ExamTime to test your understanding and even challenge friends to see how you compare.


If you want to be successful on the LSAT’s then you’ve come to the right place. ExamTime can make it all seem a lot less daunting, and a lot more achievable. Our collection of study tools and resources are perfect for anyone studying for their LSAT’s and wanting to do so effectively and efficiently. Don’t be stressed out, get prepared and sign up – from there we’ll help every step of the way.

With ExamTime you’re able to…

  • Get organized with our Study Planner
  • Memorize information quickly with our Flashcards
  • Work with and challenge your friends using our Quiz feature
  • Study wherever and whenever you want
  • Stay on track with our Study Goals feature


Here at ExamTime we’re proud of our product. We’ve received some really positive feedback and been a part of a lot of student success stories. Don’t just take our word for it, check some of our features on the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Hub Pages, and euronews.


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