A Comprehensive MCAT Cost Breakdown

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A Comprehensive MCAT Cost Breakdown

mcat costIf you’re focused on maximizing your MCAT score, then you have more than enough to worry about without having unexpected expenses pop up and derail your hard work. That’s why we’ve created a breakdown of costs of prepping for and sitting the MCAT.

And don’t worry if money’s tight for the MCAT Cost – you can still try self-studying for the MCAT too. Success on the MCAT doesn’t depend on spending an arm and a leg; it depends on your own hard work and commitment. Check out our Ultimate Guide to MCAT Self Studying to see how you can prepare for the MCAT, save money and still get the score you want.

MCAT Registration

A major MCAT cost is when you register to actually take the test. The MCA cost varies depending on how close to your chosen exam date you sign up.

The Gold Zone registration is for those who sign up more than a month before the exam. This costs $305, and provides you with some flexibility – if you need to cancel your test you will get a $150 refund or you can reschedule the date or test location for $75.

The Silver Zone is for those who sign up 3-4 weeks before the exam. It costs the same as the Gold Zone ($305), but there is no refund for cancellation and rescheduling will cost you $135.

The Bronze Zone, for those who sign up 1-2 weeks before the exam is the most expensive at $355, and does not allow cancellation or rescheduling.

It definitely makes the most sense to be prepared and register in time for the Gold Zone.

Note: The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) does offer some financial assistance for lower income students but it only covers about two-thirds of the registration MCA cost. It is also important to note that international applicants will have to pay an additional $95 fee, regardless of the zone.

MCAT Preparation

The next major MCA cost is preparation. How much, and in what ways, you will need to prepare will depend on your previous experience and educational background. Even students who were pre-med majors need to supplement their learning to prepare for the MCAT. Some organizations such as Kaplan and the Princeton Review offer extensive courses designed to prepare you for the test. Unfortunately these can cost several thousand dollars, putting such courses beyond the reach of many students.

A viable alternative is self-studying using suitable books and materials, which you can supplement with GoConqr resources.

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