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Handling IB Classes Creatively Using IB Mind Maps

Writing your extended essay can be a tedious process.

Considering you have lots of other things going on in your IB classes at the same time, you could use some help keeping your thoughts organized. Mind Maps are the perfect way to lay out information regarding any subject, especially when you are being expected to understand how each aspect relates to another. Using IB Mind Maps as a tool for learning is a sure way to help organize your thoughts. Use ExamTime’s Mind Maps to outline your extended essay, or simply to clarify information in one of your classes.

Check out how an IB student like you used ExamTime to create a Mind Map for English Literary Devices below:

Best Uses For Mind Maps

There are many useful applications for Mind Maps as you go through your IB classes. Here are some of the most productive ways to use ExamTime to create IB Mind Maps for your classes:

  • Outline your extended essay
  • Organize complex or multilevel information about a particular topic
  • Create a visual representation of historical events in chronological order
  • Set up a presentation, and use the Play Mode to have your Mind Map as an aid for an impeccable Theory of Knowledge speech

Create Mind Maps Of Your Own Here!

Don’t just take our word for how well IB Mind Maps work. Here are some quotes from students who have already used and enjoyed using Mind Maps to study:

“Using ExamTime has enabled me to stay focused and organise my ideas better as I get a sense of achievement from having a neat, printed out mind-map.” – Eleanor

“Mind Maps, too cool! Also, I started working more, so I guess it helps with organizational skills.“ – Planche

“Going through the chapters and making mindmaps with ExamTime makes reading less boring as I am more engaged.” – Charlotte

There are hundreds of IB Mind Maps already created. Take a look at some of these to get a better idea of how Mind Maps can help you stay organized in your IB classes:


Create Mind Maps Of Your Own

mind map for ib classesThe Mind Map tool is simple to use, and allows you to creatively express and keep track of all the important information you receive in your IB classes. ExamTime’s Mind Maps allow you to attach Notes, Flashcards, Slides or Quizzes to a node, to provide more knowledge and aid in your learning. Get started making your own Mind Maps here, or take a second to look at some tips for making your first IB Mind Map in the photo seen to the right.

Creating and using IB Mind Maps will make your life as a busy student easier. Share your IB Mind Maps with others using the Group tool on ExamTime, and increase your study group’s potential. Get organized and start making Mind Maps for all of your IB classes here:

Create Mind Maps Of Your Own Here!

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