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Prepare Yourself Using Quizzes For IB Classes

Teachers quiz you all too often in class, and really what are reviews aside from self-quizzing cheat sheets? Quizzes are the perfect way to measure how well you know a subject. Students all over the world are updating their technology and using online quiz apps to learn.

ExamTime’s Quizzes for IB give you the platform to set yourself up with some tricky review questions, or trade quizzes with your friends to see where you stand. The Quizzes for IB will display the percentage you managed correct at the end for the ultimate reflection of how well you are retaining the information. Try out this Quiz for IB English Lit on Night, and see how you do!

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ExamTime’s Quiz tool is unique in that you can:

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  • Take and retake IB Quizzes to boost your retention, and your overall score.
  • Share your IB Quizzes with friends easily using ExamTime’s Groups tool.

IB Quizzes are a sure way to learn basics for your lower level, and details for your higher level classes. Start creating your own IB Quizzes and excelling with ExamTime’s tools here:

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