What You Need For Your SACE Exams

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What You Need For Your SACE Exams

SACE ExamsIf you’re a student in South Australia, the SACE exam is an internationally recognised qualification and your pathway to university or TAFE. As with most exams, there are two stages of the SACE where you can gain credits for your Personal Learning Plan, Research Project, literacy and numeracy skills plus other subjects.

The great thing about the SACE is that if you feel like you are struggling to get the grades you want, you can work on improving the credits you gain throughout the two stages of SACE. It can be difficult to fully engage with your study at times but no matter how down you feel, you can always turn it around. There are a bunch of proven learning skills and techniques that can help you improve your memory and the grades you get.

Here are some useful study tips for your SACE exam:

  • Create a study timetable
  • Reduce stress with exercise
  • Practice past exam papers
  • Connect ideas with Mind Maps
  • Collaborate with classmates

These are just some of the ways you can implement to your study routine to switch up the way you learn. Another way to introduce variety in your study life and boost your motivation is to use online learning tools.

ExamTime is a free online learning platform which helps students like you prepare for exams. The web-app allow you to create Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes and Notes which you can share with others. Using ExamTime, you will have a space to collaborate and communicate with others while using the tools to improve the way you learn.

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