How Much Does the SSAT Cost?

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How Much Does the SSAT Cost?

Paying for the SSAT

ssat-costThe SSAT is the required admissions test for all of the top independent schools in the U.S., and here at ExamTime we have loads of tools, tips, and resources for SSAT studying. One of the most common questions we receive about the SSAT is “how much does the SSAT cost?” This page has everything you need to find out about SSAT cost, extra fees, fee waivers, and refunds. Keep reading below to learn more!

SSAT Cost:

First the basics—how much does the SSAT cost?

  • Upper and Middle Level registration cost is $120
  • Elementary Level cost is $80
  • International cost (anywhere outside Canada and the U.S.) for all tests is $232

All of these registration fees are non-refundable, so it is best to plan your test dates and studying carefully. Try out our Study Planner so you can make sure you will be ready for your next SSAT date.

Extra Fees:

It is very common for students to run into complications due to their busy schedules, so the SSAT makes it quite easy for you to make changes to your SSAT reservation. However, they do charge a bit more for scheduling changes:

  • Late Registration Fee (about three weeks before test date): $40 in addition to SSAT cost
  • Rush Registration Fee (about one week before test date): $80 in addition to SSAT cost
  • Change in test date or test location: $35 in addition to SSAT cost

Similar to the SSAT cost, all of the extra fees are also non-refundable. To learn more about SSAT Late and Rush Registration, check out our page for information on SSAT Dates.

Fee Waiver:

The SSATB (Secondary School Admissions Test Board) offers fee waivers for students who cannot afford to pay for the SSAT cost. However, there is a bit of a process you have to go through before receiving an SSAT Fee Waiver. First, you must contact the admissions office of the SSATB-Registered independent school you are applying to and request a fee waiver. Fee waivers can cover the full cost of the test or part of the cost, and the independent school to which you are applying will determine the amount you receive. The fee waiver can only cover your initial registration SSAT cost, not the late or registration or test changes costs. If you have any questions regarding SSAT cost or fee waivers, the best people to go to are your guidance counselor, teachers, or parents.

Now that you have an idea of how much the SSAT will cost, why not get started on studying now? Take a look at ExamTime’s SSAT Index Page for our great SSAT tools, tips, and study resources. Or, sign up now and get free access to online SSAT Flashcards, Notes, Mind Maps, and Quizzes!

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