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Flashcards are great for SSAT prep, especially if you want to review SSAT vocab words and word roots to raise your verbal score. However, keeping track of piles of flashcards can be frustrating. The ExamTime SSAT Flashcards tool is perfect for reviewing material and testing yourself for any particular exam at any time. Memorizing study material is never easy, and the SSAT Flashcard tool not only makes memorizing easier but also more convenient because you can use it at home, at school, or “on the go.” If you use our online Flashcards to study for the SSAT, we guarantee that your score will improve. Check out our overview below on how to use this helpful tool and discover how ExamTime SSAT Flashcards will improve your scores.

The SSAT Flashcard making tool can be used to create simple yet effective flashcards to prepare for your exam. Whether you are adding images or text, the ExamTime SSAT Flashcard tool is very quick and easy to use. Dedicating a little bit of time each day to studying your ExamTime SSAT Flashcards will help you improve your SSAT score, and it is much more enjoyable and convenient than cramming during the days before the test!


Like our SSAT Mind Map and SSAT Quiz Making tools, the SSAT Flashcard maker is easy to use. All you have to do is enter in a text or an image on either side of the flashcard and then add it to your “deck.” Try it out to see for yourself how easy and useful it is! If you would like to try more of our great SSAT study tools, head back to our SSAT index page.

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