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Create SSAT Notes and Study Guides Online

Taking notes and creating study guides are very effective and popular study methods, but keeping track of notebook sheets and folders can become a bit tedious and can feel unnecessary. ExamTime’s free online tools provide the perfect opportunity for you to stay organized, and with them you can study your SSAT notes and study guides anywhere you want. Take the first step to getting your best score on the SSAT and start studying with our great Notes feature!

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With the ability to create, store, and share your SSAT notes online with ExamTime, you never need to worry about losing your notes again. As you can see above, ExamTime offers an ideal platform for SSAT prep, whether you are working on Reading Comprehension sample questions or practicing your writing sample. This feature is also great for storing large amounts of information. For example, if you are working through some Quantitative practice problems, your ExamTime SSAT Notes would be a great place to store all of the formulas and systems that you want to study. And like all of our other tools, the Notes feature is easy to use and free!



In in the image above you can see how the ExamTime Notes feature works in edit mode. You can include multiple tabs and fill them with different colors, formats, pictures, and videos. This platform makes creating, editing, and sharing your notes easy. Once you have finished your note, study guide, or essay, you can expand the content into fullscreen view mode. Now that you have seen how useful the SSAT notes on ExamTime can be, imagine how much improvement you could see in your score if you combined your SSAT notes studying with SSAT Flashcards, Mind Maps, and Quizzes! Sign up now and see for yourself! If you would like to read more about the SSAT and check out more of ExamTime’s tools, tips, and resources, head back to the SSAT Index Page.

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