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Try Creating Your Own SSAT Resources

The SSAT Exam is just around the corner and it isn’t too late to get some more prep work done.

ExamTime love to create great SSAT resources for our users, almost as much as the users themselves. The resource below was created by the well known SAT Prep Group who use the ExamTime platform for laying out much of their exam prep material. In this section, they have dealt specifically with the SSAT reading comprehension section of the exam. Why not give it a go and see how well versed you are in this part of the test. If you find it a little tough, then you know you need to do some extra work and maybe even create some resources of your own.

For the written section of the SSAT, whey not create some resources with ExamTime and practice your writing ability. Below is an example of just one of the essay writing prompts you may receive in your SSAT Exam and a model answer that we came across.

Create Your Own SSAT Sample Questions. It’s Free!

When prompted with the line; “Should countries spend money to send spacecraft to other planets?”, this is what this student decided to write:

This is a strong example of a well written SSAT essay prompt. You can use the ExamTime note making resource too to save your sample essays. Why not share them with your classmates and make suggestions with one another on changes that could be made. Keep a collection of essays right here on ExamTime until you have perfected the written section of the SSAT Exam. In case you missed it last week, have a quick look back over our verbal and quantitative SSAT example questions and be sure to let us know how difficult you found them.

Create Your Own SSAT Sample Questions. It’s Free!

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