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Study for the SSAT Test with Mind Maps

With so many topics to review for the SSAT test, it is easy to lose your concentration and motivation, especially when you are stressed out. And going through endless SSAT booklets with loads of formulas, definitions, and passages to memorize can get extremely tiresome and boring. The ExamTime Mind Map study tool presents a new and creative way to review your SSAT test study materials. Mind Maps are a very useful tool for organizing your thoughts and creating a fun, visual way to study. And, like the rest of our effective study tools, it’s free! Scroll through the sample SSAT Upper Level Test Mind Map below, and see for yourself what Mind Maps can do for your SSAT prep.

SSAT Test Help with Mind Maps works in four key ways:

  • Make connection between different subjects
  • Create a broad overview of your study topics
  • Organize your thoughts in a visual way
  • Look at your ideas in both general and specific ways

In addition to text, colors, and images, another great feature to the ExamTime Mind Map program is the note attachment. If you are worried about your Mind Map becoming too cluttered but still want to add more information, you can add reminders or details to each node with the note function, just simply click the note icon at the top right corner of each node.

ssat test-mind map with notes

Get your creative juices flowing and make a Mind Map for your SSAT test prep today! If you want to see more, we have plenty of great Mind Map examples back on our SSAT Index Page. Now that you have seen how it works, why not create a few of your own? Sign up here.

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