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Welcome to the SSAT ExamTime page. Applying to independent school can be a very exciting yet stressful process. Students of all ages have to face competition in both applications and standardized testing—and all on top of your school work, it’s a lot to deal with! The SSAT is a required admission test at many independent and private schools, and it is an important part of your application for admission. There are three different levels of the test—Elementary, Middle, and Upper—each designed for a specific age group. Studying for the SSAT can be hard because it requires knowledge in three different areas—verbal, quantitative, and reading comprehension. Plus, it is overwhelming trying to maintain your GPA if you are cramming for the SSAT.

Here at ExamTime we know how stressful it is to apply to independent school, and we’re here to help. We’re here to get you started on your SSAT prep and provide you with great SSAT tips and study tools.

At ExamTime, we have some of the best learning tools, from Flashcards to Mind Maps and Notes to Quizzes, and they are all free! Each of our tools was designed to make studying and learning not only easier, but more enjoyable too. With ExamTime, it will be so much easier for you to share your work with others and to stay organized because all of our tools are online and easy-to-use. Scroll through the example below to see how you can use Mind Maps to create a colorful and useful SSAT study guide!

You can use this page to find all of ExamTime’s available tools, tips, and resources for SSAT prep. Share these resources with your friends and don’t forget to create some of your own!

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ExamTime offers just the kind of tools you need for studying online. Have a look at what you can do with our free and easy-to-use program, and then try creating some resources of your own:

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In addition to offering great online study resources, ExamTime also provides lots of expert exam advice and study tips. Looking for some valuable information on the SSAT?

SSAT Resources:

Want to get started on improving your score? Take a look at the kind of resources you can create on ExamTime:

Now that you’ve seen what you can do on ExamTime, why not begin creating your own resources? Take your first step towards success on all of your upcoming exams!

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