Succeed Using An IB Study Planner

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Remember Important Dates

The IB Study Planner keeps all of your due dates and important events in order.

Study Efficiently

Use the IB Study Planner as a study schedule that will keep you on track even during the busiest exam week.

Access And Update Your Planner Anywhere

You can easily access your online IB Study Planner from your smart phone, tablet, or laptop; it's always available when you need it most!

Succeed Using An IB Study Planner

Online planners are the best fit for busy students.

They go everywhere you go. Technology has come so far that everything we need in our day-to-day lives can be accessed on an electronic device. The education system is following suit, and utilizing the conveniences technology provides. Textbooks are being bought online and read on tablets. Teachers use school websites to distribute homework and announcements about class. Study planners and calendars are no different! Online study platforms like ExamTime have created a means for students to keep their study materials and planner in the same place. Online planners like ExamTime’s allow you to simply drag and drop your test reviews and Flashcards onto your planner. Paper planners can get messy, and there is no way to measure where or how you spent each hour. Save paper, access your IB Study Planner from anywhere without any extra weight, and edit it with ease on ExamTime!

ExamTime is Perfect For Planning Your Studies

Having a good study plan is a must for any successful IB student. After all, you have quite the vast array of required assignments you must attend to in order to succeed. The ExamTime Study Planner is perfect for all of your IB coursework needs. Some useful features of ExamTime’s Study Planner tool:

  • You can arrange your schedule down to the minute, so you never lose track of what or when you study, ever again.
  • You can customize each week to be different, or have it repeat your same schedule every day until exams.
  • Your IB Study Planner is always available on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone, so it’s convenient for you to check and update as needed.

ExamTime’s Study Planner tool was designed with busy students like you in mind. The possibilities are endless once you get started!

Start Study Planning Now!

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We know IB classes can be hectic, and hard to keep up with. Keep yourself organized and never forget an assignment by using ExamTime. Get started organizing your Study Planner and other resources here:

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