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IB Notes For Organization

ExamTime's Notes tool has features specifically in place to keep your notes tidy and organized.

Express Your Ideas

Express your ideas how you understand them using different text boxes, tabs, and pictures.

Share IB Notes With Ease

Sharing your Notes is as easy as a single click with ExamTime's Groups tool.

The Best Notes You've Ever Taken

There is nothing quite as frustrating as taking a series of notes in class, and not being able to read them later. When friends ask for your notes, do you quietly shake your head, because even you can’t read them? Stop the hand cramps and unorganized scribble by using ExamTime’s Note tool to take your IB Notes. You can update them and add pictures with ease. ExamTime allows for convenient sharing of IB Notes as well. Missed a class? No worries, just ask one of your friends to share their notes with you, and it’s all only a click away. No physical copying or email hassle at all.

Check out this IB Note out, and see what we mean:

There are lots of IB Notes already made on ExamTime. Check out some examples, and see why other students like you love using ExamTime for their IB Note taking:

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The best way to keep track of your IB Notes is with ExamTime! Use the Notes tool for all of your IB courses, so that you never lose any important note ever again. Get started writing your notes in a convenient place with a fresh new look here:

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