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Summer Sessions 2017 Explained

Summer sessions 2017, what are they and who are they for? You may have heard the term banded around but never fully understood what it meant. Whether you are a student looking to enhance your academic experience or a parent or teacher assisting with the tough decisions of what to do during the summer, we hope this small introduction to this sessions proves useful to you. Below we have created a Flashcard Deck for you that highlight just some of the universities that cater for summer sessions 2017.


Summer sessions 2017 are offered by many of the major universities.  These summer classes/ programs are specifically aimed at and taken by people going on sophomore, junior, or senior year in high school. Students will typically live in the dorms at the university they have chosen to attend. There are a handful of reasons why someone may choose to attend this sessions:

  • Some will take part-time classes for college credits
  • Overseas students may use it to sample American University life
  • Students will use it to study certain subjects in preparation for their upcoming school years.
  • As a resume builder as it shows colleges that you’re applying to that you’re driven or very academically inclined.

A lot of the summer university programs require that you pick an academic or arts concentration, that way if you know what you want to major in in college, you could essentially get a head start in that discipline. Then of course there is the experience of college life before college. This sessions provide students and parents with an insight into what college life will be like. It can be used as a precursor as to whether a person is college-ready and give people the opportunity to spend time at some of the biggest university names in the world.

Courses usually run for three weeks but it is advised that you check with your university of choice beforehand. Summer sessions 2017 have been closely linked with helping to avoid summer learning loss. Recently we put together an article on some of the best ways to avoid the summer learning loss. The cost of these sessions varies through each institution.

Have you plans to attend a summer sessions 2017 course at a university close to you? Do you have subjects that need improving on? If you are attending a University for Summer Sessions 2017, you should be using GoConqr to keep your notes, create sample questions with our Quiz maker and keep track of your work with our study planner.

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