Which Should you Choose: University or TAFE?

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Differences Between TAFE Courses & University

Let’s face it, it’s a big decision.

tafe coursesThe education path you choose will impact the journey you take your life on. When deciding which type of qualification you want to pursue, you will need to take a lot of factors into consideration. You will be faced with a list of questions which you may struggle to answer such as:

  • Do I prefer performing tasks or learning theory?
  • Do I perform better in smaller classes with more personal contact?
  • Am I responsible enough to myself to attend lectures and study?
  • Do I prefer to learn specific skills or solve problems in a certain field?

There is no right or wrong answer. Your choice will depend on your preferences and the profession you would like to get involved in.

Whether you decide to pursue a university degree or one of the TAFE courses, project work and exams will be dotted along your path. A key factor in your decision is the differing exam structure and key skills you need for each type of qualification. At ExamTime, we have designed our learning tools to help all types of students approach their exams.

What is ExamTime?

ExamTime is a free online learning web-app with interactive study tools such as Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes, Notes and a Study Planner. ExamTime’s key features help students easily collaborate, communicate and discover information.

Our platform is already being used by students and teachers in over 140 countries worldwide in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Recently, ExamTime has been featured on well-known websites including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Lifehacker plus euronews.

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Approaching University Exams with ExamTime

university exams australiaIn general, university students learn theories so you have a framework for analysing and solving problems in your area. You will need to be a motivated student as the responsibility on how hard to push yourself to attend lectures, submit assignments and study extra hours lies with you.

As a large portion of learning in university is based on consuming and embracing theory, our learning tools compliment the learning process perfectly. Here’s how you can use our tools to prepare for university exams:

  • Mind Maps: Improve your memory making associations between ideas
  • Flashcards: Test your knowledge by actively recalling information
  • Quizzes: Practice different exam questions, styles and formats
  • Online Notes: Develop in-depth study notes you can access at anytime

If you are working towards a university degree, try our free elearning tools at ExamTime here!

Approaching TAFE Courses with ExamTime

On the other hand, TAFE courses are more focused on developing specific skills for work. This involves smaller classes and more contact hours with teachers. The skills you learn will promote your employability and ensure that you are able to perform tasks in the workplace.

TAFE courses are much more practical than enrolling in a university degree. You can still benefit from learning resources such as ExamTime by applying our tools to the theory aspect of your course. ExamTime provides a space for you to keep track of your study notes, this is especially useful for TAFE students who have both work experience and classes. Get organised with our Online calendar tool where you can create a study plan including your classes in minutes.

If you have decided to enroll in one of the TAFE courses, try our free elearning tools here!


TAFE Courses SydneyTAFE NSW SWSi offers a range of flexible options which means that you can enrol in TAFE courses if you are still in school, already in the workplace or an international student. Choosing the right TAFE course for you is an important decision and can be your pathway to university.

South Western Sydney Institute offers over 700 courses ranging from mainstream, short and international options. See a full list of TAFE course options here.

Ian Watts, Student at the UTAS School of Architecture

ian wattsThousands of Australian TAFE and university students are already using ExamTime in their daily study. Ian Watts is a fifth year student at the UTAS School of Architecture based in Tasmania where he is currently completing his final year project; an aged care home for dementia patients. Aside from self-sufficient housing, he is also interested in graphic design, typography and web design.

Here’s what Ian had to say about ExamTime:

As an architecture student, I am required to know the relevant building codes. ExamTime has not only been a fantastic tool for revising this knowledge, but has also been useful for creating Quizzes and other resources which I can use and share with others.

At the moment, Ian is busy with university work but he plans to create a series of Quizzes and resources for architecture students using ExamTime which he will embed on his own site. Below is an example of one of Ian’s architecture Quizzes you can attempt:

Whether you choose a TAFE institute or a university, improve your grades with the Help of ExamTime:

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