Monitoring and Assessment Tools for Learning

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The Road to Exam Success...

assessment tools for learningDuring the long journey on the road to academic success, many students will falter and lose their motivation along the way. The reason? They get overwhelmed by the task and don’t focus on the positive gains made to date.

Good news – you can avoid the ‘student in despair’ phase and achieve your study goals with GoConqr! We developed GoConqr Assessment Tools for Learning to help your track your learning progress. These new study tools allow you to understand where you are in your learning journey and the areas you need to focus on to improve your results. Not only will this help you to optimize your study, it will boost your confidence and keep your motivation levels high when you need it most. It’s even more difficult to get to where you need to be if you don’t know where you are now!

This new feature is not only useful for students who want to achieve a high grade but also for teachers who now have a perfect way to transfer ongoing education assessment to the online world and monitor the progress of their students throughout the course.

Remember: Success is not achieved only by ‘personal characteristics’. It is primarily through perseverance, method and organization

How Do I Monitor My Progress?

Monitoring your learning progress using assessment tools to Learning perfectly complements your Study Timetable Plan.

The first step of a good study strategy is to set realistic study goals and plan your timetable in detail. Then, it is best practice to put theory into practice as this will help you learn more effectively. GoConqr’s online learning tools can help you do this in a number of different ways:


tracking your learning progressMind Maps and Online Notes allow you to study in different ways. Mind Maps are a great way of giving you a visual summary or overview of a concept whereas you can use Online Notes to develop a set of in-depth informational notes.

To measure your learning progress on an ongoing basis, the track function allows you to mark the areas that you have already studied and understand. Once ticked or marked, your Mind Map node or box in your Note will be faded.

Using this type of Technology in the classroom, you can highlight the part that you need to focus on learning plus know what percentage of a resource you have already learned in an instant.

Learning Performance

learning progress graphOn the other hand, Flashcards and Quizzes help you to memorize and recall key terms and definitions. In addition to testing your knowledge, they also serve as review or assessment tools for Learning. Every time you complete a Quiz or a Flashcard deck, you get a result.

You can also review your learning performance over time by accessing your history of attempts so you can visually trace your learning journey as you progress in your studies.

Also, we will soon have a “Global Attempts” tab where you can compare your performance to other students in the GoConqr community that have completed a resource. So are you really the smartest in your class? 🙂

Achieve Your Learning Objectives

These two features combined make studying a whole lot easier as you can see at a glance how far you have come and your destination as you reach for your final goal – exam success. Try the new Tracking and Learning Performance features now to study smarter and more productively! Study has never been easier!

Achieve Your Study Goals with GoConqr

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