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5 steps to exam success with ExamTime

Planning for Exam success

When preparing for exams most of you will know roughly, if not exactly, when your exams will be. However, it is not simply when your exams are that is important. Before you even begin contemplating studying you should consider what you want to achieve by setting study goals. This is where our “Study Goal tool” comes in handy. It allows you to create a Study Goal and assign Study Tasks that need to be completed to achieve that Study Goal.

“What keeps me going is goals”

Muhammad Ali

Setting Study Goals

When setting study goals and study tasks, the most important thing to do is be honest and realistic with yourself and your ability to study.

Setting realistic study goals on a subject by subject basis will help you plan for exam success and achieve your study goals. Planning ahead and sticking to it is the No. 1 tip for successful exam results. When you’re setting your study goals and outlining your study tasks though, make sure you include free time for relaxation and your social life. You should also keep your study goals somewhat flexible to ensure that if, for example, you miss a day because you’re sick you can make up for it at a later date.

Study planning

The benefits of setting study goals and study tasks are numerous. Your study time immediately becomes more productive as you know exactly what you should be studying, when you should be studying it and how long it will take you to learn and understand. You will get a better return on investment than if you simply started to study a topic. Your study becomes more productive and your study is of a higher quality- it’s a win-win.

There are also numerous psychological benefits of planning. You don’t panic and wake up in the middle of the night with the dreaded exam fear, because you feel on top of your study. You know what you have studied and what you need to study and, importantly, you know when you need to have the topic studied and learned. So long as you stick to your study plan you can sleep easy. This ease of mind from setting study goals means you become more confident in how you approach your study and learning process. You won’t feel guilty about spending time with friends or watching TV as you know that you have studied what needs to be studied.





Goal Setting for Students

Getting organised and planning and setting your study goals is the first step you will need to achieve exam success. Students who are studying in modern education find it difficult to focus with multiple sources of distraction seeking attention. Whether it’s your friends, family, TV, the internet or sports, students find it difficult to focus on their studies with many interruptions and distractions in their lives.

Setting study goals and objectives helps students organise their time and focus on their study, helping them learn and understand key topics and how they contribute to the bigger picture. To achieve your study goals, online study tools are the ideal way to help develop you study plan and learn key concepts and theory.

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