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What is your biggest fear when it comes to the ACT test? Do you panic about certain aspects of the test or indeed its outcome? What would you say if someone told you that there were a bunch of simple steps that could get you through it? We asked a group of students who are due to take the ACT test or other university entrance exams in the next couple of months and these were their number one fears:


  • Under-performing
  • Letting down their parents
  • Not having enough time to prepare
  • Not being able to remember things
  • Getting a worse score to their friends

The list was actually longer than this but we decided to keep it short. As you can see, when it comes to the ACT test you are not the only one who is scared. Ask your parents, teachers, aunts and uncles and they will all tell you they had similar feelings right before a big test.

But there is something you can do, sign up to GoConqr now. Why? Because we have the means to help you feel more confident within minutes of using our website. Don’t take our word for it, ask the guys over at euronews or The Guardian. Check out our partnership with the SATPrepGroup or browse through the heaps of ACT resources already created by students just like you.

So what is it we are saying here? Ask any of our users what they have gotten from using GoConqr (this can be done through adding friends and creating study groups) and their reply will echo these promises:

  • GoConqr helps reduce stress by making it easier to organize
  • Using our ACT Test Prep Guide will increase your levels of motivation
  • Online learning offers a fresh way of looking at study problems
  • Your productivity will increase because our tools are so user friendly

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Why are all these people talking about us? Because our tools are genuinely awesome. We have Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quizzes and Notes all of which are not only easy to use but are great to look at too. Using our ACT Test Prep Guide tools will benefit you in a bunch of ways.

Oh and we forgot to mention, everything is FREE. That’s right, not only is sign up free, but the use of our tools and storage is all free and always will be. Anxiety and panic are a natural part of sitting exams so try not to worry. But what you can do is use our platform and reduce that stress. Get started now.

Resources and Extras

Not only does GoConqr provide you with industry leading tools from which to prepare and organise with, we also offer our own tips and advice and even give you some free ACT resources to get started with, check them out here:


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