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student lifeAchieve a better exam prep can be stressful. The constant battle to motivate yourself. The struggle to make sense of material. The feeling of helplessness and isolation as you start to get overwhelmed. The feeling of I’d rather be doing anything else but sit here and study.

The problem is that most people overlook a simple element of test prep and success. There is a method to have a better exam prep by optimizing your performance and getting the grades you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you don’t excel in a particular subject; we all have our weaker areas. By adopting the method that we will share with you, regardless of your current grades, you can dramatically increase performance and results.

Are you ready to transform the way you approach exams and have a better exam prep?

The key to having the right approach starts with a simple realization. You need to split the exam process into the 2 distinct parts that it is. Firstly there is the knowledge, ability or information that you will be tested on in the exam. Most people focus on trying to remember as much information as they can and hope they can reproduce when they take the test. But they are missing a trick. There is also the process of managing your exam performance, something that too many people overlook. And if this piece isn’t present, you won’t perform the better exam prep possible. It’s about managing stress, increasing motivation, removing uncertainty and giving you the widest available information possible. It’s about giving yourself the best chance to learn the information you need to perform.

So how do you tap into this better process to improve your performance inside and outside of class?

At GoConqr we’ve taken that process and built an online solution around it.

Exam performance is about removing stress. Stress is removed when you have a solid plan, manageable workloads and an organized approach. The information you need is accessible, and if information is missing you know where you can go to find it. At GoConqr we set about making this easy for you on our free online learning & better exam prep solutions.

Remove stress with GoConqr by:

  • Planning your study, classes, assignments with our study planner
  • Managing all your learning resources online in one place
  • Tracking learning progress against all resources

Exam performance is about having the motivation to keep going. Studies show that motivation is helped by having a clear plan of attack, a route to the end goal. A great trick is to involve someone else and make a commitment. If you involve a friend and promise that you will produce a piece of work you are a lot more likely to produce the goods so that you won’t let them down.

GoConqr helps with motivation by:

  • Making your learning material engaging and memorable with free learning tools
  • Allowing you to share & discuss resources with friends, tutors and students
  • Giving you access to hundreds of thousands of free learning resources


Don’t just take our word for it. Hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and tutors around the globe are finding the key to learning management by using GoConqr.

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The best thing is that GoConqr is so easy to use and that it’s free. You can create your own engaging learning resources. You can discover other great learning content from the hundreds of thousands of resources. And you can share and work together with your friends to have a better exam prep.

And did we mention that it’s free?!

So what are you waiting for? See how GoConqr’s world of learning can optimize your study and help you improve your grades now.

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